Independent Living for Seniors in Massachusetts | The Residence at Melrose Station

Sound Mind, Sound Body

There’s always something interesting happening at an LCB community—whether it’s for fun, for learning, or for promoting your good health! Our easy proximity to the downtown and many cultural and recreational resources of the region offers residents a wealth of activities to take advantage of, while our internal schedule means there’s always plenty going on.

From the moment you walk in the door, our engagement directors will get to know the things that you like to do, and will help you to take advantage of the many activities that we offer, from trips and outings, to book discussions, gardening, exercise classes, arts & crafts, card games and much more. And feel free to suggest and lead new activities that you enjoyed at home!

Your Healthy Brain

We all want to stay sharp, and we work with some of the sharpest minds around to create a program of activities designed to improve memory and overall brain health. It’s all part of the daily activities, and it’s as enjoyable as it is beneficial.  Learn a new skill like video-chatting with friends and family on the computer, or rediscover an old favorite like painting, with all activities designed to keep minds healthy and engaged.

Our memory care program is led by Certified Dementia Professionals, and is based on our wellness model in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital, and Brigham & Women’s Hospital.  This has led to a five-faceted program of activities that goes above-and-beyond the Four Pillars of Engagement to help slow and, in some cases, improve the symptoms and signs of dementia.  Comprised of Exercise, Learning, Tai Chi, Mindfulness and Rehabilitation, these program elements are architected to benefit the entire person–emotion, spirit and body.

This video featuring our collaborator, Dr. Kirk R. Daffner, is an excellent exploration of maintaining brain health:

Senior women exercising by lifting weights

"I'm just so happy we found you and your staff to care for my Mom. I really feel she is well cared for and treated with kindness and respect. This is so reassuring to me and I so appreciate your wonderful staff and especially you for all that you do!"

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