Meet Our Executive Director - Melrose Station

Meet Our Executive Director

Our Executive Directors put their heart and soul into creating environments of intellectual stimulation, comfort and personal growth for all of our residents. Listen to what Kristen Duggan loves about being Senior Executive Director of The Residence at Melrose Station:

I’m so excited to be the Senior Executive Director for The Residence at Melrose Station!  I’ve had the opportunity to open LCB’s community The Residence at Riverbend in Ipswich, but Melrose Station is special to me- this is my hometown!  I’m a third generation Melrose resident and my daughter (proudly fourth generation Melrose resident) and I am so pleased that I’ll be working right here, establishing a community to serve our friends and neighbors.

Kristen Duggan, Senior Executive Director of The Residence at Melrose Station

Kristen Duggan Headshot

Graphic rendering of The Residence at Melrose Station in Melrose, MA

“Everything I need is here at the community. The residents and staff are not only nice but are also very caring.”

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